Custom rework & ECO modifications

Custom Rework & ECO Modifications

Modifications of off-the shelf boards and assemblies- We service a number of customers who use off the shelf PCB assemblies and modify to update capabilities or increase field ruggedness. Modifications include ECO work, removal and installation of higher grade / more components, conformal coating, etc.

Custom reworkOur customers sometimes need custom ECO changes, modifications, and other types of rework. Our skilled technicians have years of experience with difficult rework and are ready to meet any customer challenge.

Conformal coatingWe offer conformal coating services for printed circuit boards that must meet demanding environmental specifications against moisture, chemical, dust, temperature extremes. We take care of board prep and masking, and can apply conformal coating per customer specifications.






Workmanship Standards 


IPC-A-610C Class 2 and Class 3, FDA GMP Class 3, UL, CSA Capability


Written Quality Assurance Manual and Procedures


Calibrated test and inspection equipment


Comprehensive electrostatic discharge control procedure

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