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Electronic contract manufacturing services.

Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Serving the Tech Hub of Boston and Beyond

Liberty Engineering delivers quality, reliability and customer care

Liberty Engineering is a contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electromechanical assemblies that prides itself on quality work and responsiveness to customers.

Located in Newton just minutes from the high-tech firms in the Boston area, Liberty serves a wide range of industries — including medical instrumentation, semiconductor manufacturing, motion and light detection, defense technology, and oceanographic research and instrumentation. Most of its customers are in Massachusetts and New England, but it supplies PCBs and electromechanical assemblies throughout the country and around the world.

“Our customers know they can send us a design and they’ll get back just what they wanted — exactly,” said Liberty Engineering President Alec Chevalier, whose father, Dennis, founded the company in 1973.

Liberty engineering produces printed circuit boards using surface mount, through-hole or mixed technology. It performs custom PCB rework, ECO modifications and conformal coating, making off-the-shelf components more robust and reliant by the addition of jumpers, power supplies, increased resistance to dust and moisture, and other upgrades.

In addition to filling small and medium-sized orders, the company produces quick-turn-around prototypes for engineers. Depending on the complexity of the prototype, Liberty can custom manufacture it within a few days — often even the same day. Their convenient location in Newton, MA also allows for many local customers to visit their facility and work directly with their technicians.

“We are close to a lot of our customers, so we can drive the prototype over and get it into an engineer’s hands so they can start working with it as soon as possible,” Alec said.

Liberty’s field repair service helps clients better respond to their own customers. When a product containing a Liberty PCB experiences a technical issue in the field, Liberty Engineering will diagnose and fix the problem. Customers can ship the product directly to Liberty, which will drop-shop the repaired item back and prepare a thorough field report.

Everything at Liberty Engineering starts with the PCB. Sometimes it requires custom PCB manufacturing based solely on an engineer’s design — even just a napkin sketch. Other times the customer provides detailed blueprints and materials. In the same way, Liberty also builds the electromechanical assembly around the PCB.

To ensure performance, Liberty carries out functional testing on boards and assemblies to the specifications of the customer or any industry standard, including medical, military and precision underwater sonar.

In addition to technical expertise and quality, Liberty has a workplace culture based on collegiality, flexibility and customer focus. Employees have worked with the company for as long as 30 years, and because it’s small, Liberty can lavish customers with personal attention.

“When customers call, a person always picks up the phone. You won’t get an automated menu and a recorded voice,” said Kathryn Johansen, Liberty Engineering controller. “You can talk directly with Alec and drop in and see him.”

Alec often visits engineers to talk out technical issues in person, and he welcomes them to discuss problems with technicians on the manufacturing floor. When a rush order is ready, Alec and Kathryn are happy to deliver it themselves if that’s what it takes to meet strict deadlines.

“Customers continue to return for years because they know they can count on us,” Alec said. “When deadlines are tight, we deliver. And we do so at reasonable prices”

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