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A sample of our work

Chip tester board

A prototype board for testing equipment with bare board supplied by customer and components procured by Liberty Engineering

Aircraft engine monitoring

This board is a high reliability board used in aircraft monitoring equipment that must standup to the demands of huge temperature extremes. After final inspection, this board receives conformal coating before shipping to customer.

Active diesel particulate filter technology

This board handles extreme power loads with very heavy copper layers and oversized heatsinks. Soldering proved very difficult at first but our team devised a manufacturing solution using our selective solder machine to deliver a high quality product to our customer.

Underwater sonar PCB

This board sees action in underwater sonar applications with a very large BOM line item count and lots of custom magnetics. Our manufacturing team builds and delivers this board to our customer without issue.

Industrial instrumentation board

Software installation onto chips before install onto boards is no issue for our skilled technicians and manufacturing group.

Submerged acoustic transponding system

Odd board sizes and heavy difficult to install components are common for this customers’ designs and our assembly team is happy to tackle the challenge!

High end metrology PCB

Another oversized board with lots of custom components used for metrology equipment. Our customer used another electronics manufacturer for years to build this board but could not get good manufacturing results until they turned to Liberty Engineering.

Prototype wearable medical device

Our customer needed a large prototype run of boards for use in wearable medical devices with very exacting standards including custom conformal coating. Not a problem for our skilled technicians!

Precision engine supervisory equipment

One longtime customer needed field replacements for a very old obsolete board with very hard to find components- our Materials Procurement team had no issue tracking down the parts and allowing on-time delivery to our customer!

Wafer inspection PCB

A high reliability board used for wafer inspection equipment

Measurement calibration equipment

Over-sized boards with unique part install requirements do not cause problems for our skilled technicians who have years of experience building electronics of all type. This board is used for high precision metrology equipment.

Chip manufacturing equipment board

Through-hole boards with obsolete components are not a problem for our materials procurement team and manufacturing group.

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