PCB Assembly

Liberty Engineering Inc. specializes in demanding PCB assemblies

PCB Assembly

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) – Liberty Engineering Inc. specializes in demanding surface mount technology boards, down to 0201 size components, including BGA (ball grid array), LGA (land grid array) and other odd size parts. X-ray inspection equipment is utilized for inspection of BGA and LGA parts. We work closely with our customers’ engineers to meet their demanding specifications. We build with tin/lead solder or RoHS lead-free solder per our customer’s requirements. [add picture of X-ray, surface mount part board]

Through-hole Technology – Our company specializes in through-hole technology boards, including legacy technologies and challenging heavy copper boards. Soldering capabilities include tin/lead solder and RoHS lead-free solder. Soldering technologies used include wave solder, selective solder, or hand soldering.

Mixed – The majority of printed circuit boards assembled by Liberty Engineering have mixed technology (surface mount and through-hole components). Soldering capabilities include tin/lead solder and RoHS lead-free solder, with through-hole components assembled by either wave solder, selective solder, or by hand soldering.

Turn-key – Our company’s Material and Purchasing Department has years of experience purchasing material for customer’s demanding designs in a cost effective manner. We take pride in our ability to locate obsolete, end of life, and other hard to find components and make sure we can meet our customers’ requirements and demanding schedules.

Consignment – Liberty Engineering Inc. works with companies that provide consigned material and/or partial consigned kits, and ensure assemblies are built to customer’s specifications.

Conformal Coating – Our company offers in-house conformal coating for printed circuit boards put under the most severe environments. We coat per our customer’s requirements.






Workmanship Standards 


IPC-A-610C Class 2 and Class 3, FDA GMP Class 3, UL, CSA Capability


Written Quality Assurance Manual and Procedures


Calibrated test and inspection equipment


Comprehensive electrostatic discharge control procedure

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